News 04:07 July 2020:

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Massage chairs, we all know the benefits or the what we call pros that we can get from these chairs. But to think of it, if we already know the benefits and how we can use it, are we already capable of using it? Are we sure enough that we can already use it? We all know that massage specifically, is a certain process that is pressing and rubbing your skin, your certain ligaments, all of your muscles and all of your tendons, it can help you in relaxing your body, soothing your body and relieving from tension. Not like the earlier days, and it is no longer a luxury for the rich that’s available only at expensive spa’s. Due to hectic schedules of people in their day to day lives, at many instance, more people are really needing a massage for their well-being miss out on them. But today, in this article, we are going to talk about all of the disadvantages of these massage chairs. One of the disadvantages is, it is less effective, in spite of its numerous adjustments and functionalities, there are a lot of multiple problems or certain pains that can only be relieved with the understanding of a licensed masseuse. Next is it has limited functions, what do we mean by limited functions? There are spots where all of the vibrators of the massage chair cannot really reach. For the pain and discomfort at such spots, help from a masseuse will be required. Also, it has limited maximum user weight. We all know that most massage chairs have the very maximum weight of the user mentioned on it. This restricts the persons with more weight from using these chairs. Next is the cost, one of the disadvantage to a certain massage chair is the high cost. If you are going to plan on purchasing one for your home, you can really spend easily more than two thousand dollars. Paying to use a massage chair can add up quickly. Also the weight of the chair is a big disadvantage. Massage chairs are very heavy. They are as big as recliners but they are made with electronic equipment that adds a lot of bulk and weight. This can be really a huge disadvantage if you are going to have to move it or have it shipped. Well, using a massage chair can be very relaxing and prove to be beneficial for aches and pains. But unlucky, using a massage chair is not as effective as using a licensed masseuse. And it also have a maximum user weight some massage chairs have a maximum user weight. 


Some massage chairs might not perform as its name implies, which is to do massage for the whole body. This is one of the noted disadvantages. Note too that a massage chair is bulky that it will take so much space especially if it will be used in massaging the whole body.


A certain massage chair is really great for the certain people who do not have pain on specific areas that requires a lot of force. There are some certain spots where a massage chair cannot reach or put work on, and in case you face pain on those spots, buying a massage chair may not be a great idea for you. You could also injure oneself accidentally and make your pain more time to heal. This can be a result or either two things, your massager is too irresponsible or rough when she or he is kneading your whole body or the deep muscle manipulation you have received was something that is too much for your body to handle enough. There are also some chance that you can complicate some more conditions by healing others through getting massages. Lastly, massages can also be so much time consuming since a certain session usually lasts around an hour or a two, and still depends. But these dis advantages cannot stop a specific mortal to buy the chair as the positive traits or the advantages of having one outweighs the noted disadvantages. So do not hesitate to buy one and undoubtedly it will bring comfort and healing to your aching bodies.