Exciting ways of using twitter polls for business

News 04:07 July 2020:

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Almost every active Twitter user has answered a twitter poll question at one time. This shows how well this feature has been appreciated since its introduction some years back. Its popularity can be associated by the fact that people are allowed to jog their minds practically on any topic without restrictions whatsoever. A Twitter poll might revolve around the team that will win in today’s match or something silly such as the favorite pets. So how can you keep the conversation going in an exciting way and yet drive the interest back to your brand promotion? It’s easy, here are a few ways to do it.

Using an indirect approach

This is the most vital area where many marketers go wrong by posting lots of promotional materials. Remember that Twitter is a social site and people visit it to have fun and read interesting things. You have to understand that people don’t like to be sold. Sure, they like hearing about interesting sale deals but only sparsely. The main should always be driven towards creating respect and trust on your brand that compels people to your products more than anything else. So to ensure that you capture your twitter followers attention in a clever way. Introduce the use of twitter polls on topics that aren’t promotional related but can relate to what your brand stands for. You will have people voting for the fun of it and at the same time capturing their attention.

Use events of interest to your advantage

During a huge event such as the world cup or anything controversial that people are relating with jovially, grab that opportunity and create a twitter poll that revolves around that idea, you can even make it laughable. People will vote hugely and will be looking forward to seeing which opinion will hold water by the time the twitter poll times out. Having your followers hanging onto your every tweet makes them want to relate with you even more in time. By the time you post promotional tweets, the trust is already created and people would buy your product.

Introduce marketing deals that recognize your followers

People are social beings that respond positively when appreciated. It is always wise to find ways recognizing your followers and show them that you recognize their existence. Formulate a twitter poll that revolves around that idea. For instance, a traveling agency may post a recent photo of a top performing student from a local school who emerged the best in a national examination, then post a twitter poll on whether to reward the student with a fully paid tour to a certain place or reward them with a shopping coupon. This creates interest in your brand in the long run.

There is a bunch of ways that Twitter likes can be used in an interesting way for business purposes. The key is being creative in ways of increasing twitter followers and creating a lifelong trust in your brand. In the end, people will get interested in your product and buy from you.

Using Twitter polls for marketing strategy

The introduction of twitter polls where one can introduce voting options on tweet has provided a broader platform for interactions both for entertainment as well as business related. Twitter has become the place to seek opinions from who will win an election, the most trending hairstyle or even what to wear on a Friday night. The twitter community provides a favorite marketing ground and all one needs is to understand how to turn the twitter followers into clients and potential clients for the services or the products that you are promoting. Here is a breakdown of the techniques for using Twitter polls for marketing purposes.

Involve your follows in brand decisions

Any good marketer out there can tell you that increasing communication lines with all stakeholders in an organization is among the key factors that determine the success of a business. This becomes even more necessary when an organization is planning to introduce a new feature to the market say a new product, new packaging or addition of a certain feature to the already existing package. Engaging followers will give the organization an edge on what the consumer thinks of the new idea and also what they expect. This can be done by simply formulating a hypothesis about whatever you are looking to validate and break it down into four question that you can post out there.

Ask for feedback

Every organization wants real-time feedback on how their products or services are performing in the market. There is no a better way of getting this information other than introducing a poll through twitter polls. The results of the poll will inform you a lot on whether the clients like what you are selling out there. Many organizations find this service useful as they can avoid losing clients due to a dissatisfaction that might arise and responds in time before the damage is done.

Finding product preference

People’s preference for what they want changes from time to time. For an organization to keep up with these changes, there is a need for conducting a research. A Twitter poll can be introduced with interactive simple questions that are fun and compelling to answer. Consumer’s product favorite can be rather unpredictable. It can be influenced by so many factors, be it political situation, an upcoming international event or a fashionable trend. If an organization can manage to use these influencers to their advantage, sales will keep on escalating all the way.

The twitter polls feature is a perfect marketing platform and requires the marketers to get creative and enjoy the good results. It costs absolutely nothing. However, the work is in creating a following that can sincerely response to the polls. Creating a strong brand through offering superb products and services and also offering top-notch services always wins the heart of consumers. So before embarking on conducting a poll, ensure that your clients are happy with what you are selling. People love associating with successful people and companies and ensuring that you have fewer complaints will earn you more clients through the twitter poll.